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Protecting Elders from Financial Exploitation

From the Office for Victims of Crime, this video is a government sponsored PSA on financial exploitation.

Distressed Homeowners Public Service Announcement

How to File a Complaint

From FTC's Scam Watch, this fun video tells you how to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and report or protect yourself against fraud.

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Job Scams Video

From FTC's Scam Watch, this video informs you about the various types of Job Scams, and how to protect yourself from them.

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Money Transfer Scams

From FTC's Scam Watch, David Vladeck, Director - Bureau of Consumer Protection, gives an overview of Money Transfer Scams and what the FTC is doing about them. The first in a series of videos, the rest can be seen here.

Fraud: An Inside Look

From FTC's Scam Watch and Biz Opps, this video is an in-depth look into the world of Fraud.

Real People, Real Stories (Foreclosure Scams)

From the FTC's Video Library, this video delves into the impact Mortgage Fraud and Forclosure Scams have on people's lives.

Federal Grant Scams

From the FTC Video Library, Eileen Harrington, Deputy Director - Bureau of Consumer Protection, discusses the task of uncovering and ending Federal Grant scams.

Federal Job Information

From the FTC Video Library, Eileen Harrington, Deputy Director - Bureau of Consumer Protection, warns against scammers who try to charge for Federal Job Information.

Phishing (Phishy Home)

From the FTC Video Library and, this video warns against phishing scams.

Dealing with Debt Collectors

From FTC's Scam Watch, this video gives you valuable information about how to deal with aggressive debt collectors and how to know when your rights as a consumer are being violated.

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Deter, Detect, Defend (Identity Theft)

From the FTC Video Library, the topic of Identity Theft is covered, along with helpful hints on how to proactively protect youself from Identity Theft scammers.

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