Health/Medicare Fraud

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Medicare fraud is purposefully billing Medicare for services that were never provided or received.

Resources on How to Protect Yourself

FDA 101: Health Fraud Awareness

Good report explaining the types of fraud and how to recognize and report.

Medical Identity Theft

Could identity thieves be using your personal and health insurance information to get medical treatment, prescription drugs or surgery?

Medical Discount Plans

Although some medical discount plans provide legitimate discounts, others take people’s money and offer very little in return.

Stop Medicare Fraud

This joint Web site of the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Justice highlights information about fraud, how to detect fraudulent activities, and how to protect against fraud.

Who Cares: Sources of Information about Healthcare Products and Services

The FTC has created this website to help you find reliable sources of information on health topics important to you.


Medicare Fraud and Abuse Fact Sheet

Short booklet summarizing available resources to help you recognize or prevent fraud.

Medical Identity Theft & Medicare Fraud

Flyer summarizing deter, detect, and defend tactics with regards to medical fraud.

Protecting Medicare and You from Fraud

An official government handbook explaining types of fraud and steps you can take to protect yourself.

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